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Herramientas de Penetración Hack,2008

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Packet Shaper:

  • Nemesis: a command line packet shaper
  • Packit: The Packet Toolkit - A network packet shaper.
  • Hping by Antirez: a command line TCP/IP packet shaper
  • Sing: stands for 'Send ICMP Nasty Garbage'; sends fully customizeable ICMP packets
  • Scapy: a new python-based packet generator

Password Cracker/Login Hacker:

  • John the Ripper: a well-known password cracker for Windows and *nix Systems
  • Djohn: a distributed password cracker based on "John the Ripper"
  • Cain & Abel: an advanced password recovery tool for windows systems. It sniffs the network packets an cracks authentication brute-force or with dictionary attacks.
  • Project RainbowCrack: Advanced instant NT password cracker
  • Rainbowtables: The shmoo group provides pre-generated rainbow tables for bittorrent download. The tables are generated with RainbowCrack (see above).
  • Windows NT password recovery tool by Peter Nordahl
  • THC-Dialup Login Hacker by THC. It tries to guess username and password against the modem carrier. As far as I know the only available dialup password guesser for *NIX.
  • Hydra by THC: a multi-protocol login hacker. Hydra is also integrated with Nessus.
  • Medusa: parallel network login auditor
  • THC imap bruter: a very fast imap password brute forcer
  • x25bru: a login/password bruteforcer for x25 pad
  • Crowbar: a generic web brute force tool (Windows only; requires .NET Framework)
  • MDCrack-NG: a very fast MD4/MD5/NTLMv1 hash cracker; works optionally with precomputed hash tables

Advanced Sniffers:

  • Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal): an open source network protocol analyzer
  • Dsniff by Dug Song: a combination of very useful sniffer and man-in-the-middle attack tools
  • Ettercap: a multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN environments
  • aimsniffer: monitors AOL instant messager communication on the network
  • 4G8: a tool ,similar to ettercap, to capture network traffic in switched environments
  • cdpsniffer: Cisco discovery protocol (CDP) decoding sniffer

Port Scanner / Information Gathering:

  • nmap: the currently most well-known port scanner. Since version 3.45 it supports version scans. Have a look at PBNJ for diffing different nmap scans.
  • ISECOM released their nmap wrapper NWRAP, which shows all known protocols for the discovered ports form the Open Protocol Resource Database
  • Nmap::Scanner: Perl output parser for nmap
  • Amap by THC: An advanced portscanner which determines the application behind a network port by its application handshake. Thus it detects well-known applications on non-standard ports or unknown applications on well-known ports.
  • vmap by THC: version mapper to determine the version (sic!) of scanned daemons
  • Unicornscan: a information gathering and correlation engine
  • DMitry (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool): a host information gathering tool for *nix systems
  • Athena: a search engine query tool for passive information gathering

Security Scanner:

  • Nessus - In version 2 an OpenSource network scanner. Version 3 is only available in binary form and under a proprietary license.
  • OpenVAS: a fork of Nessus 2.2.5 (formerly known as GNessUs)
  • Nessj: a java based nessus (and compatibles) client (formerly known as Reason)
  • Paul Clip from @stake released AUSTIN, a security scanner for Palm OS 3.5+.
  • Nikto: a web server scanner with anti IDS features. Based on Rain Forest Puppies libwhisker library.
  • Wikto: a webserver assessment tool (Windows only; requires .NET framework)
  • WSDigger: a black box web pen testing tool from Foundstone (Windows based)
  • Metis: a java based information gathering tool for web sites


  • SinFP: a fingerprinting tool which requires only an open tcp port and sends maximum 3 packets
  • Winfingerprint: much more than a simple fingerprinting tool.It scans for Windows shares, enumerates usernames, groups, sids and much more.
  • p0f 2: Michal Zalewski announced his new release of p0f 2, a passive OS fingerprinting tool. p0f 2 is a completely rewrite of the old p0f code.
  • xprobe2: a remote active operating system fingerprinting tool from Ofir Arkin and the xprobe2 team
  • Cron-OS: an active OS fingerprinting tool based on TCP timeout behavior. This project was formerly known as "RING" and is now published as a nmap addon.

Proxy Server:

  • Burp proxy: an interactive HTTP/S proxy server for attacking and debugging web-enabled applications
  • Screen-scraper: a http/https-proxy server with a scripting engine for data manipulation and searching
  • Paros: a man-in-the-middle proxy and application vulnerability scanner
  • WebScarab: a framework for analyzing web applications. One of it's basic functionality is the usage as intercepting proxy.
War Dialers:
  • IWar: a classic war dialer. One of a few wardialers for *nix operation systems, and the only with VOIP functionality (to my knowledge)
  • THC-Scan: a war dialer for DOS, Windows and DOS emulators
Malware / Exploit Collections:
  • Huge collections of tools and exploits
  • ElseNot Project: The project tries to publish an exploit for each MS Security Bulltin. A script kiddie dream come true.
  • Offensive Computing: Another malware collection site
  • Securityforest: try the ExploitTree to get a collection of exploit code; have a look at the ToolTree for a huge list of pentest stuff

Databases / SQL:
  • sqlninja: a tool to exploit sql injection vulnerabilities in web applications with MS SQL Servers (alpha stage)
  • CIS Oracle Database Scoring Tool: scans Oracle 8i for compliance with the CIS Oracle Database Benchmark
  • SQLRecon: an active and passive scanner for MSSQL server. Works on Windows 2000, XP and 2003.
  • absinthe: a gui-based tool that automates the process of downloading the schema & contents of a database that is vulnerable to Blind SQL Injection (see here and here).
  • SQL Power Injector: a GUI based SQL injector for web pages (Windows, .Net Framework 1.1 required, Internet Explorer 5.0+ required)
Voice over IP (VOIP):
  • vomit (voice over misconfigured internet telephones): converts Cisco IP phone conversations into wave files
  • SiVuS: a VOIP vulnerability scanner - SIP protocol (beta, Windows only)
  • Cain & Abel: mostly a password cracker, can also record VOIP conversations (Windows only)
  • sipsak (SIP swis army knife): a SIP packet generator
  • SIPp: a SIP test tool and packet generator
  • Nastysip: a SIP bogus message generator
  • voipong: dumps G711 encoded VOIP communications to wave files. Supports: SIP, H323, Cisco Skinny Client Protocol, RTP and RTCP
  • Perl based tools by Thomas Skora: sip-scan, sip-kill, sip-redirectrtp, rtpproxy and ipq_rules
  • rtptools: a toolset for rtp recording and playing

Networkbased Tools:
  • yersinia: a network tool designed to take advantage of some weakeness in different network protocols (STP, CDP, DTP, DHCP, HSRP, 802.1q, VTP)
  • Netsed: alters content of network packets while forwarding the packets

  • ip6sic: a IPv6 stack integrity tester
  • ike-scan: an IPSec enumeration and fingerprinting tool
  • ikeprobe: ike scanning tool
  • ipsectrace: a tool for profiling ipsec traffic in a dump file. Initial alpha release
  • VPNMonitor: a Java application to observer network traffic. It graphically represents network connections and highlights all VPN connections. Nice for demonstrations, if somewhat of limited use in a real pen test.
  • IKECrack:an IKE/IPSec cracker for pre-shared keys (in aggressive mode authentication [RFC2409])

DNSA: DNS Auditing tool by Pierre Betouin
Hunt: a session hijacking tool with curses GUI

SMAC: a Windows MAC Address Modifying Utility. Supports Windows 2000 and XP.

The WebGoat Project: a web application written in Java with intentional vulnerabilities. Supports an interactive learning environment with individual lessons.

TSCrack: a Windows Terminal Server brute forcer

Ollie Whitehouse from @stake released some new cellular phone based pentesting tools for scanning (NetScan, MobilePenTester). All tools require a Sony Ericsson P800 mobile phone. Unfortunately, @stake seems no longer to support much of their free security tools. So, use instead the alternativ download links above.

THC-FuzzyFingerprint: generates fuzzy fingerprints that look almost nearly equal to a given fingerprint/hash-sum. Very useful for MITM attacks.

BeatLM, a password finder for LM/NTLM hashes. Currently, there is no support for NTLM2 hashes. In order to get the hashes from network traffic, try ScoopLM.

THC vlogger: a linux kernel based keylogger

The Metasploit Framework: an "advanced open-source platform for developing, testing, and using exploit code".

ATK (Attack Tool Kit): a comination of security scanner and exploit framework (Windows only)

Pirana: an exploitation framework to test the security of email content filters. See also the whitepaper

PassLoc: a tool which provides the means to locate keys within a buffer. Based on the article "Playing hide and seek with stored keys" by Adi Shamir.

Dl-Hell: identifies an executables dynamic link library (DLL) files

DHCPing: a security tool for testing dhcp security

ldapenum: a perl script for enumeration against ldap servers.

Checkpwd: a dictionary based password checker for oracle databases

NirCmd from NirSoft: a windows command line tool to manipulate the registry, initiate a dialup connection and much more

Windows Permission Identifier: a tools for auditing user permissions on a windows system

MSNPawn: a toolset for footprinting, profiling and assesment via the MSN Search. Windows-only, .NET required

snmpcheck:a tool to gather information via snmp. Works on Linux, *BSD and Windows systems.

pwdump6: extract NTLM and LanMan hashes from Windows targets

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